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Photo of Carl Broadbent
Born 4th June 1971
United Kingdom
Nationality United Kingdom
Occupation Entrepreneur
Years active 2019
Known for YouTuber

Carl Broadbent is an accomplished English-born entrepreneur with notable achievements in the digital media industry. He is the proprietor of Affiliate Gathering, a prominent SEO event, and serves as a director and co-owner of the widely acclaimed WordPress theme, PopcornTheme. [1] In addition, Mr. Broadbent is an avid travel blogger, overseeing multiple websites including

Operating under the banner of CB Affiliate LTD in the UK, Carl Broadbent has established a strong reputation within the affiliate marketing and travel blogging sectors of digital media. [2] [3]

Early life

His professional journey commenced with studies at Bradford College in West Yorkshire, England, where he earned qualifications as an electronic engineer. This foundation led him to initiate electrical shops in the local area, specializing in the repair of electronic devices such as televisions, radios, and other electronic equipment.

Witnessing the evolution of electronics and the advent of digital technology, Carl Broadbent's entrepreneurial spirit thrived. Over the ensuing two decades, he ventured into various business enterprises, culminating in his discovery of the realms of affiliate marketing and digital media.

Recognized as a prominent figure in the field of Affiliate Marketing, Carl Broadbent has distinguished himself for his adeptness in building and ranking websites within the SEO industry.

His transformative journey commenced when he recognized the potential of online work and the prospect of achieving it from the comfort of his home. Motivated by the desire for financial independence and the opportunity to spend more quality time with his family, Carl undertook an extensive exploration of all facets of online marketing, SEO, and website development.


Experiencing swift success in this domain, Carl Broadbent recognized the imperative to share his expertise with a broader audience, leading him to establish a YouTube channel to document his progress. His candid and authentic insights propelled the rapid growth of his channel over subsequent years.

Embarking on his online business venture in 1999, Carl Broadbent has forged a path of continuous progress and achievement. He has made strategic investments in digital assets, including the highly sought-after WordPress theme, PopcornTheme.


Observing the surge of affiliate marketing in the wake of the Covid pandemic and recognizing the need for professionals to convene, collaborate, and network, he conceived the annual event, Affiliate Gathering, held in York, England.

This live, one-day gathering serves as a platform for the community to learn, exchange insights, and foster camaraderie.

Affiliate Gathering stands as an inclusive and supportive event, offering valuable assistance to the SEO community at large.

Carl Broadbent now spends his days working on his travel blogs and sharing his knowledge on YouTube and planning his next SEO conference at Affiliate Gathering in York



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