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Picture of Sven Andrew
Native name Sven Steger
Nationality German
Citizenship German
Known for Music Artist, Music Producer, Film Director, Agency Owner and Entrepreneur
Notable works Over 20 music videos for which he has been nominated for awards several times, and 40 released songs

Sven Andrew

Sven Andrew, also professionally known as LOME and Sven Steger, is a music artist, German film director, and entrepreneur. In the music world, under the pseudonyms Sven Andrew and LOME, he has released over 40 songs and produced more than 20 music videos, earning him multiple award nominations. His contributions span across a variety of roles, showcasing his versatility as a director, video producer, and multimedia artist. Andrew's innovative approach, particularly in integrating AI technology into his projects, has marked him as a pioneering figure in visual media and music production, reflecting his broad impact on contemporary digital and entertainment landscapes. As the founder and CEO of the media agency Life of Media 360, Andrew has established himself as a significant figure in both the music and media production industries. His work has garnered attention and accolades, collaborating with notable artists and professionals including Limp Bizkit, Flora Cash, and US television award winner Oz Pearlman, as well as industry executives like former Marketing SVP of Sony America, Peter Dille.

Personal Life

Early Life

Sven Andrew, known professionally as Sven Steger, was born on 11.03.1993, in Erlangen. His passion for music manifested early, with Steger performing publicly by the age of 7. His interest in multimedia was equally precocious; by the age of 10, he had begun creating and editing videos, laying the groundwork for his diverse career in music and media production.


Andrew pursued formal education in his field at the media academy in Nuremberg, specializing in media design and media communication. Following his studies, he took on a role as a lecturer in the same disciplines, imparting his knowledge and experience to aspiring media professionals.[1][2][3]

Music Career

Sven Andrew, the professional pseudonym of Steger, is a German musician, singer, songwriter, and multimedia artist known for his wide-ranging contributions to music and music videos. Andrew embarked on his solo music career in 2016, adopting the stage name "Sven Andrew" and quickly gaining recognition for his self-composed songs and innovative music videos.

Early Career and Musical Style

Sven Andrew released his debut single, "It's Time," in 2016, which garnered positive reviews from music critics for its unique blend of pop and electronic elements. The music video for "It's Time" featured stunt performers from the German TV series "Galileo," showcasing Andrew's penchant for cinematic visuals. Following the success of his debut, Andrew released "So Much More," a single filmed in Barcelona, Spain, further establishing his visual and musical storytelling approach.

Collaborations and International Success

In 2019, Andrew collaborated with Ray Horton, known for his work with the world-famous music group Milli Vanilli (The Real Milli Vanilli), on the single "Wasted." This partnership marked a significant milestone in Andrew's career, expanding his musical reach and audience. Throughout his career, Andrew has released over 40 songs and 20 music videos, filmed in locations around the world including the United States, Indonesia, Switzerland, and Spain, among others.[4][5][6][7][8][9][10][11][12][13]

Career as Director and Video Producer

Andrew's career in directing and video production began to take shape at the age of 20. In 2014, he served as the director for the band Unheilig, notable at the time for being among the most commercially successful bands in Germany. His role expanded into the live music scene, where he directed at some of Europe's largest festivals, including Rock am Ring and Summerbreeze Festival. He has also worked closely with bands such as Sunrise Avenue and Limp Bizkit as a live video editor. In 2023, Andrew directed the music video "The Builder" for the band Flora Cash, notable for its innovative use of AI technology. This work earned him recognition for "Visual Excellence" at the Music Or Lose It Awards 2023.[14][15][16][17]

Multimedia Agency & Entrepreneurship

Andrew's venture into entrepreneurship led to the founding of his video production company, Life of Media in 2014. In 2021, under Andrew's leadership, the company was distinguished as a "Top Rated Seller" in the professional sector on Fiverr. However, Andrew parted ways with the platform in 2023, citing ethical concerns with its treatment of sellers. That same year, Life of Media garnered the German Web Award, further cementing Andrew's reputation in the digital and creative industries.[18] In 2024, Andrew expanded his business, rebranding Life of Media to "Life of Media 360" and opening a new location in Las Vegas, indicating continued growth and innovation in his professional endeavors.[19][20][21][22]

Recognition and Awards

Andrew's contributions to music and visual media were recognized in 2019 when he was nominated for Best Self-Made Visual Effects at the Berlin Music Video Awards for his single "I'm Not Alright." This nomination highlighted his multifaceted talent as a composer, director, editor, visual effects artist, singer, and actor, underscoring his reputation as an all-in-one multimedia machine.

Recent Projects and LOME

Since 2023, Sven Andrew has also been releasing music under the pseudonym "LOME," continuing to explore new musical territories and visual concepts. His work under both pseudonyms has been characterized by a commitment to artistic autonomy and a hands-on approach to all aspects of music production and video creation.

Legacy and Influence

Sven Andrew's impact on the music and multimedia landscape is marked by his ability to seamlessly blend musical innovation with visual storytelling. His dedication to crafting immersive experiences for his audience has established him as a significant figure in the contemporary music scene.

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