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Logo of Shingle Magic
Type Roofing Service
Location Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
Services Roofing Service, Roof Sealers, Metal Magic for Roofs Siding Magic for Exterior Ceramic Wall Coatings

Shingle Magic is a proprietary rejuvenating clear sealer developed to protect and preserve your asphalt shingles. Preventing the expensive cost of re-roofing. Providing an exclusive Consumer First Protection Warranty for 10 years.[1][2]

The benefits of Shingle Magic

  • Helps restore original color
  • Bonds shingle granules
  • Penetrates and rejuvenates
  • Extend your roofs life
  • Prevents mold, mildew and moss growth
  • CoolSeal Colors are heat reflective and UV resistance
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Added flexibility
  • Added Impact Resistance
  • Added Wind Resistance

Environmentally Friendly

Tons of shingles are dumped into our landfills annually. Shingle granules are not biodegradable and some granules are coated with ceramic paint which is harmful to our environment.

Shingle Magic helps prevent shingle waste in America’s landfills by guaranteeing your granules will be bound to your shingles, reducing waste.[3]

Benefits of our CoolSeal Colors:

  • Heat reflective
  • Reflect harmful UV rays
  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Extend the life of the shingle

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