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Panda Helper
Type Private Company
Industry Mobile Apps
Founded 2018
Area served Worldwide
Products Apps & Games
Services Tweaks & Hacks
Employees 10-20

Panda Helper app is a third-party App Store that provides apps users cannot find on Apple's App Store. In addition to the official apps, some tweaks, mods, hacked games, and other unofficial iOS and Android apps are the most popular apps in Panda Helper. As an app installer, Panda Helper provides various Game Tools that users can use to speed up games, record screens, or do other operations.[1]

Mobile Apps

Panda Helper app offers massive content of Tweaked Apps, Mods, Hacked Games, and other unofficial apps for iOS and Android users. Usually, these apps or games cannot be anywhere else. Users can think of the Panda Helper app as an alternative to the official iOS App store and Cydia for jailbreakers.[2] Panda Helper app can run on iOS and Android APK.


Panda Helper provides a Free version and a VIP Version. VIP Version will enjoy more exclusive services and apps. Users can download the Free Version if they don’t want to purchase a VIP. The free version uses common certificates.[3] If Apple revokes the common certificates, users need to wait until there are new common certificates before using them. Users can also purchase a VIP to get super certificates, which are more stable than common certificates.


The Panda Helper app is entirely safe. While downloading and installing the Panda Helper app, users do not need to provide their Apple ID. Panda Helper app will not access and share any personal information.[4] The apps users downloads from Panda Helper are uploaded after being reviewed by the Panda Helper team and confirmed to be safe and non-toxic, so users won't download any malware in the Panda Helper app that will harm their device.


Panda Helper has launched many promotions on their website. The main product is Panda Helper VIP. If users purchase VIP, not only they can have a more stable certificate service, but also use Cheat Engine, Cloud Save, and App Cloner. According to the time and frequency, VIP services have several packages.[5] Other products from Panda Helper include the following:

  • Panda Bots
  • Panda Speeder
  • Panda App Cloner
  • Panda Auto Clicker
  • Panda Cheat Engine
  • Panda iOS App Signer

Free vs VIP

  1. The VIP version has some exclusive apps that the free version does not.
  2. The free version is available on both the app and the web, the VIP version is only available on the app.
  3. The VIP version uses the more stable certificate called the super certificate, and the free version uses the common certificate.
  4. The VIP version includes exclusive functions just as Cheat Engine, Cloud Save, and App Cloner.


Apple issues the certificate. If the third-party apps, even hacked games, use the signing certificate, they can be installed on iPhone without going through Apple's App Store, and the iPhone does not need to jailbreak. Applying for certificates is expensive and requires sideloading technology to install apps authorized by those certificates.[6] Panda Helper frees common certificates to users and charges VIPs for super certificates.


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