Manhattan Book Group

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Manhattan Book Group
Type Privately held company
Founder(s) J.J. Hebert
Services Book publishing

Manhattan Book Group is an American hybrid book publishing company headquartered on Broadway in New York City.[1] It was founded in 2018 by author J. J. Hebert.

The company operates under the hybrid publishing model, which occupies the middle ground between traditional and self-publishing. Authors have full rights and royalties but bear some of the publishing costs. Manhattan Book Group has an open submission policy, allowing authors to submit their manuscripts without the need for literary agents.

In 2021, Manhattan Book Group received an endorsement from Mariel Hemingway.[2]

The company claims that its Author Program guarantees that authors achieve Amazon bestseller status.[1] Their program also includes other services such as professional editorial work, custom book cover design, market research, and media exposure through press releases and online advertising.


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