Lorenzo Bonfiglio

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Lorenzo Bonfiglio
Education Georgetown University
Occupation Business executive
Known for xNomad, CloudKitchens, Pronto System

Lorenzo Bonfiglio is an established global executive with comprehensive experience in leading remote teams in high-growth environments. He currently holds the position of Head of Expansion and Strategy for xNomad, an international marketplace platform specializing in short-term retail pop-ups.


Bonfiglio’s business career began as a student when he co-founded Pronto System, a start-up that developed a delivery app for transporting staples and convenience goods to locals in five minutes or less. In this role, he handled strategy, operations, marketing, recruitment, product, and business development. Website

Following his early success, he took a position as a strategy lead for CloudKitchens, a real estate tech company valued at $15 billion, where his duties encompassed global real estate acquisitions, development strategy, partnerships, and the oversight of the company's internship and recruitment program.

In his current role with xNomad, Lorenzo Bonfiglio has played a crucial part in expanding the company's reach into the United States and the United Kingdom. His responsibilities extend across several distinct sectors within the company. And he’s been instrumental in the development and implementation of strategic corporate protocols.

Community involvement

Bonfiglio combines his business background and passion for the arts to advise notable artisans and gallery owners in Southern California.

He also contributes to the community through volunteerism. He assists California YIMBY, a nonprofit that supports housing legislation to address the state's housing crisis. Similarly, he supports Abundant Housing LA, a nonprofit focused on resolving the city’s housing crisis. He also serves as a coordinator for Walkabout Foundation, a global charity that provides wheelchairs, offers rehabilitation services, and funds research for spinal cord injuries.

Personal life and education

Lorenzo Bonfiglio is fluent in multiple languages and has traveled extensively throughout the world, which has furthered his international perspective in business.

He graduated from Georgetown University, in Washington, D.C., with a degree in economics.

He lives in Los Angeles, California.