Konstantin Lichtenwald

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Konstantin Lichtenwald
Occupation Entrepreneur
Organization Zeus Capital Ltd., Reverse-Takeovers.com, and Lichtenwald Professional Corporation (LPC)

Konstantin Lichtenwald is a Vancouver based German entrepreneur. He serves as an executive and senior leader at three Vancouver firms, including Zeus Capital Ltd., Reverse-Takeovers.com, and Lichtenwald Professional Corporation (LPC). Additionally, Konstantin also serves as the Chief Financial Officer at the Miami-based Global Holdings Corp.[1]

Career overview

Lichtenwald completed his undergraduate education in finance, accounting and controlling from Pforzheim University in 2012, earning his Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree. He received his General Accountants of British Columbia and his Chartered Professional Accountants of British Columbia certifications in 2015.[2][3][4]

Lichtenwald has over 15 years of experience in corporate compliance, accounting, and financial management. He has also worked on IPOs and reverse takeovers. North America and Germany are two of the most important places in the world for producing money. Konstantin Lichtenwald has a lot of expertise and knowledge in both places.[5][6]

Konstantin Lichtenwald's profession is assisting small firms and public companies with their corporate finance and accounting needs. Lichtenwald also provides clients with consultancy, financial reporting, and other accounting services.

Lichtenwald has served as the CFO of numerous publicly traded and private corporations, such as Intact Gord Corp, 88 Capital Corp, Scorpion Resources Inc and Blackhawk Growth Corp among others.[7]

He currently serves as an executive and senior leader at three Vancouver firms, including Zeus Capital Ltd., Reverse-Takeovers.com, and Lichtenwald Professional Corporation (LPC). Reverse-Takeovers.com is a corporate advisors firm that works closely with public-listings companies or companies that are about to become public. The firm was co-founded by Konstantin Lichtenwald and Steven Pearce in 2019.[8][9]

Apart from managing his businesses, Lichtenwald also teaches at the Vancouver Community College where he is an accounting instructor.[10]


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