Ellington Properties

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Ellington Properties
Type Private
Industry Real estate
Founded 2014 (2014)
Headquarters Dubai, UAE
Key people Mark J. Amirault
Services Real estate development
Website ellingtongroup.com/en/

Ellington Properties is a real estate development company based in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, specializing in residential property development. The company develops and invests mostly in real estate in the UAE.

Company overview and development

Ellington Properties was established in 2014 by Robert Booth, the former chief executive of Emaar Properties’ Dubai operations,[1] Joseph Thomas, a managing director and shareholder,[2][3][4] and Nitin Bhatnagar, a co-founder and shareholder.

In 2018, Ellington Properties signed a partnership with Beike, one of the major China's real estate listings portals. As per the agreement, Beike "will build awareness of Ellingtons premium Dubai real estate offering to Chinese investors"[5]

As of 2019, the real estate company has developed, or is in the process of developing multiple projects, totaling over $2 billion in sales of luxury property, with the overall land bank of 3.6 million square feet approximately.[6]

Operations and major projects

Ellington Properties develops large-scale master-planned communities and mixed-use facilities in the UAE. Working in partnership with the policy makers and local developers, Ellington Properties focuses on high-growth markets that are looking to revitalize urban areas or realize the full potential of city hubs. The real estate development group employs teams of professionals to make a full range of development-related decisions pertaining to local development projects, including those related to: design, permitting, construction, financing, accounting, funding, leasing, and marketing.[7][8] The company's major ongoing and completed projects include:

Jumeirah Village Circle

  • Belgravia Square, Dubai, the UAE[9]
  • Belgravia I residential property (100 000 square ft), Dubai, the UAE [10]

  • Belgravia II (100 000 square ft ), Dubai, the UAE[11]
  • Belgravia III (100 000 square ft), Dubai, the UAE[12][13]
  • Belgravia Heights I (120 000 square ft), Dubai, the UAE
  • Belgravia Heights II (120 000 square ft), Dubai, the UAE

MBR City

  • Wilton Park Residences (250 000 square ft)[14]
  • Wilton Terraces I, two 12 storeyed towers,140 residential units (Dubai, the UAE)[15]
  • Wilton Terraces II, two storeyed towers, 283 residential units (Dubai, the UAE)

Downtown Dubai

  • DT1 residential complex (180 000 square feet), Dubai, the UAE [16]


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