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Shadow Commander
FansProject character
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"Shadow" by FansProject
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Team Lynx
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Semi-truck and trailer

Shadow Commander is a fictional character and third-party Transformer homage to Robots in Disguise Scourge made by FansProject in 2009.


The Shadow Commander armor is a third-party Transformer accessory created by FansProject. He is an homage to the 2002 Transformers Decepticon Scourge toy.


Preorders for Shadow Commander went up at Big Bad Toy Store in October 2008.[1]

Shadow Commander was released in January 2009.

In September 2009 TFC Toys promoted their Shadow Rollar with LED rifle by releasing pictures of the rifle being used by Shadow Commander.

The Perfect Effect Shadow Warrior, Shadow Demolitions, Laser and Buzzer are depicted as being used by Shadow Commander in promotional pictures.


The WTF@TFW podcast for October 16th, 2008 selected the FansProject City Commander and Shadow Commander as one of their show topics.[2]

The TFWire podcast episode #153 for October 19th, 2008 had a segment devoted to Shadow Commander.[3]


FansProject comics

The instruction comic "Shadow" included with Shadow Commander depicts him as initially having blue and red armor. As Commander, he leads Team Lynx to stop a rogue faction from using anti-nucleon against a colony world. He is betrayed by the Council of Primacron and nearly killed by the anti-nucleon. He survives and comes back as Shadow Commander.

Shadow Commander appears in the battle scene on the back of Tusker and Megazero's boxes, where he is fighting along side Shadow Scythe and Quadruple U.

TFcon comics

Shadow Commander appeared in the TFcon 2009 convention poster by Alex Milne. The armor is worn by Universe Nemesis Prime, and he is seen flying in with the Decepticon troops, with Henkei Megatron beside him.[4]


  • FansProject TFX-01B Shadow Commander (2009)
A remold and recolor of City Commander intended to be added to the Universe Voyager Nemesis Prime toy, although it fits on any toy that shares his mold. Comes with a sword, and two different faces. Instructions double as a comic book. Turns from a trailer in vehicle mode to a set of armor and a large gun in robot mode.
This toy was remolded and recolored into Powered Commander and D.I.A. Commander.
  • Reproduction TFX-01B Shadow Commander (2009)
A reproduction of the Shadow Commander by another company out of China.
  • Broken Arrow Toys Shadow Commander Missile Pods
A set of black missile pods and transparent pink missiles for Shadow Commander by Broken Arrow Toys.[5]



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