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Mastermind Creations
Industry Toys
Founded 2010

Mastermind Creations is a toy company that specializes in third-party Transformer toys, which has been in operation since 2010.

Mastermind Creations


  • Products beginning in KM-XX belong to the Knight Morpher subline.
  • Products beginning in PS-XX belong to the Ocular Max - Perfection Series subline.
  • Products beginning in R-XX belong to the Reformatted subline.
  • Products beginning in RMX-XX belong to the Ocular Max - REmix subline.





  • R-02 Talon (Generation 1 Divebomb)
  • R-04 Leo Dux (Generation 1 Razorclaw)
  • R-06 Tigris (Generation 1 Rampage)
  • R-08 Azalea (IDW Generation 1 Arcee)
  • R-08Z Zinnia (Paradron Medic)




  • PS-07 Artifex (Generation 1 Hoist)
  • PS-08 Kojin (Artfire)
  • PS-11 Omne (Generation 1 Cosmos)
  • R-19 Kultur (IDW Generation 1 Tarn)
  • R-19AM Kultur Asterisk Mode (Red and Orange repaint of Kultur)
  • R-21 Titanika (Beast Machines Strika)
  • R-22 Boreas (Cyclonus)
  • R-23 Dicamus (IDW Generation 1 Roadbuster)
  • R-24 Turben (IDW Generation 1 Whirl)
  • R-25 Oberon (Beast Machines Obsidian)
  • R-26 Malum Malitia (Generation 1 Bombshell, Kickback and Shrapnel)
  • R-27 Calidus (IDW Generation 1 More Than Meets The Eye Rodimus)
  • R-27AM Calidus Asterisk Mode (IDW Generation 1 Lost Light Rodimus)
  • R-27SG Calidus Shadow Ghost (Shattered Glass Rodimus)
  • R-28 Tyrantron (IDW Generation 1 Megatron)
  • R-29 Aero Alpha (IDW Generation 1 Wing)
  • RMX-03 Volture (Generation 1 Laserbeak)
  • RMX-04 Buzzard (Generation 1 Buzzsaw)



  • PS-12 Saltus (Springer)
  • R-37 Bedrock (Bulkhead)
  • R-39 Ebrius and Gravus (Guzzle and Brawn)
  • R-41 Ultio (Senator Ratbat)


  • R-40 Jaguar (Ravage)
  • R-49 Vexo Prominon (Batman)


(Note: the following were revealed to be mockups using three of the alternate modes of Terminus Rapidus. Mastermind Creations have since stated on their Facebook page that they "will take preorders for the cancelled projects at Planet Steel Express," which is presumable a continuation of the joke as no such products exist to be preordered.


The Good Morning, Cybertron! podcast for December 9th, 2013 discussed Terminus Rapidus in the news.[1]

The TransMissons podcast for December 17th, 2013 discussed Terminus Rapidus in the news.[2]



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