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Leah Denbok is a Canadian photojournalist, from Collingwood, Ontario.[1] With the help of her parents she started going on photo excursion to seek out homeless people so she could document their stories. She published a book of photos documenting a selection of her encounters with homeless people.

On July 5, 2017, CBC News flagship nightly news show, The National, broadcast an 8 minute segment on Denbok, her family, and her efforts to document homelessness.[1] In that segment Denbok described being influenced by her mother's history, and by a book by a New York City photojournalist, who profiled homelessness there.[2]

Denbok's mother was found on a Calcutta street, by a policeman, when she was three years old. The policemen noticed that her mother was wounded, and took her to an orphanage, run by Mother Teresa's organization. So knowing her own mother was once homeless gave her a path to building rapport with homeless people.

Denbok told the CBC that she was donating all the profits from her book to homeless shelters.


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