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Micronauts character
Mego Ampzilla box
First appearance

Micronauts volume 1 number 35, by Marvel Comics
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Release number

Species Ampzilla


Death Squad (Marvel Comics)

"Yes, I am strong -- with a reptilian swiftness -- and a lethal lizard's bite!"

Ampzilla is a fictional character from the Micronauts series introduced in 1980 as a villain.


Ampzilla is a fictional character or vehicle in the Micronauts series. According to his package he can be piloted by Antron or Membros.


Ampzilla varied greatly from it's original concept art, which depicted it as a tracked vehicle with a head and tail.[1]

Ampzilla was released by Mego and Gig in 1979.

In 2018 several parts for Ampzilla were release by Shapeways by Mathew Robert Ignash.

In 2019 Prize Inside designed a small Ampzilla figure for Shapeways.

Fictional biography

"The Menacing Reptile From The Far Off Planet Saurian"


1979 Marvel Comics

The Death Squad in Micronauts volume 1 number 35 by Marvel Comics

Ampzilla was a member of the Death Squad in the Marvel Comics Micronauts stories. He first appeared in issue 35, where he attacked Devil of the Micronauts. He was distracted when Battleaxe slammed into him and was crushed by a tombstone thrown by Devil.

Ampzilla and the Death Squad fought the Micronauts again in issue 47-48.

In issue 49 Ampzilla, Battle-Axe, Centauria and Lobros stood sentry as Acroyear, Bug and Marionette were forced to fight a giant spider at games celebrating the wedding of Force Commander and Slug.

When Marvel lost the license to Micronauts it included losing the rights to Ampzilla, and he has not appeared again the Marvel Universe.

2016 IDW Publishing

Ampzilla appeared in the 2017 Micronauts Annual by IDW Publishing.

Ampzilla appeared infected by a Dire Wrath, working with Terraphant in "Entropy", from Rom & The Micronauts number 3.


The Mego commercial for Ampzilla, Lobstros and Sharkos depicted Ampzilla being piloted by Kronos.[2]

Ampzilla appears among the aliens in the Gig commercial for Red Falcon.[3]


  • Mego Micronauts Ampzilla (1980)
A new 1:18 scale toy.
Although advertised, this toy was very rare in the US, with most of the stock being diverted for sale by Gig.
This toy was to be repackaged for the Mego Pocket Heroes line as a vehicle for Lex Luthor.[4]
  • Gig Micronauti Ampzilla (1980)
A release of Ampzilla in Italy by Gig.
  • Shapeways Ampzilla Figurine (2018)
A color sandstone statue of Ampzilla available in 1 inch, 1.75 inch and 2 inch sizes. Designed by Prize Inside.
  • Shapeways Ampzilla (2019)
Available in 2 inch and 3 inch size. Designed by Prize Inside.



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